COVID-19 Update (3/18/20)

Zion Community Family,


We have been in contact with denominational leadership, State and Local government, and we have been following closely suggestions made by the CDC.  As we continue to look ahead to the coming days, I want to make the following announcements:



As of today, March 18, we will be suspending all gatherings at the church through the remainder of March.  This includes Wednesday Night Refuel, WINGS Fitness Group, Manly Monday, and our Sunday Morning Worship.  We are working on ways for all of us to stay connected digitally, so please continue to check your email and our Facebook page for information.  If you would like to continue giving, you can give online at our website or you can mail or drop your check off at the church.  We will reassess this at the end of the month.



As of right now, the daycare will remain open but we are taking steps to ensure that everyone in our care is safe and protected.  We are also looking to the FSSA and the OECOSL (the governing bodies of daycares in the state of Indiana), which are currently asking that daycares stay open if possible.  We will continue to look to their leadership for now.



Due to the uncertainty of what lies ahead in the month of April, we will be postponing our 50th Anniversary Celebration to the fall of 2020.  While we have not picked a date yet, we want to distance this event from COVID-19 as much as possible.  This is a wonderful celebration and we want to give it the proper amount of attention!



I want to take a minute to emphasize that while our worship and small group gatherings are cancelled, CHURCH is still happening!  Here are some ways you can participate:

  • PRAY!  This is where it all starts!  Scripture has proven that when we lift our voices to God, he hears us!  Here are some things you can pray for:

    • Those who are sick around the world right now because of this virus

    • Those who are most vulnerable to this virus because of health or age or other circumstances

    • Those who have challenging financial issues due to current shutdowns of their jobs.

    • Those who are still working during this time.

    • Those who are afraid, lost, or anxious because of everything going on.
      I’m sure you can think of others to pray for, just remember, the world needs the church to pray!  Please spend time doing so.

  • Reach out and check in on members of our church family and your neighbors!  Don’t assume that someone else is going to.  During this time we would rather someone feel annoyed than forgotten!  Make connections through phone calls or sending cards. 

  • If you know of a need in our community, please let me know and we will do what we can to help out.

  • Continue to give to Pantry 279!  If you are shopping, grab a few extra items and drop them off at the church or at the Pantry.


Remember, you are loved by the creator! 


May the church rise up to this occasion with the Grace and Love of Jesus!



Grace and Peace,


Pastor Doug